The Human Resources Policy of Vinh Phat Corp is built with the aim of making human resources become a competitive advantage of the Company, which is synchronously demonstrated from the policies of recruitment, training - development, salary - bonus - welfare, remuneration regimes, working environment and corporate culture development to retain good people, attract talents, create conditions for all employees to work at their best and develop their careers and long-term commitment with the Company.


Compensation system

A competitive, fair and transparent compensation system is what Vinh Phat is always committed to doing to bring satisfaction to all employees. At Vinh Phat, the contribution and dedication of each staff member is recognized and rewarded adequately.

Working environment

Vinh Phat Investment Corporation always believes that people are the decisive factor for the success and development of the Company. Therefore, at Vinh Phat, we focus on building a professional, humane and modern working environment in which all members always harmonize, share and respect each other.

Development opportunities

At Vinh Phat, all employees regardless of position are given the best conditions and opportunities to promote their creativity and develop their careers. With us, your career will be developed sustainably along with the continuous growth of the company.

Welfare policy

In addition to bonuses based on work performance, bonuses on holidays and Tet, Vinh Phat always pays special attention to the regimes for employees on birthdays, filial piety, …At the same time, all Group employees have an annual vacation regime to rest, relax, participate in outdoor activities to increase the cohesion between members and departments.