Short description: ST25 Simply Fragrant Brown Rice is selected from the premium ST25 rice variety, through the enthusiasm of scientists, planted and cared for by farmers in the Mekong Delta. After harvesting, every grain of rice is processed on modern European equipment lines. The milling process only removes the outer husk layer, preserving the inner bran layer as much as possible – where most of the valuable nutrients of the rice grain such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, especially nutrients are stored. Gamma Oryzanol is very good for the cardiovascular system, digestive system, especially good for people with diabetes, overweight and obesity.

Grain characteristics:

  • Long grain
  • Light brown color, still retains the characteristic rice bran layer

Rice characteristics:

  • Softer and more fragrant than regular brown rice.

Commitment: NO preservatives – NO odorants – SAFE pesticide residues according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

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