Short description: Neptune Japonica Rice is produced from the famous Japonica rice variety originating from Japan, a country with a delicate culinary culture. Sown on the fertile alluvial fields of the Mekong Delta, through natural growth process, the rice grain fully absorbs soil and earth’s vitality. Neptune Japonica Rice has round grain shape, shiny white. Cooked rice is soft, not crushed, and still retains its delicious taste even when cooled. Not only used in daily family meals, Japonica rice is also very suitable for making sushi, rice rolls, rice balls,…

Grain characteristics:

  • Round grain
  • Shiny white colour

Rice characteristics:

    • Sticky
    • Rice are not crushed after cooking
    • Remain delicious even when the cooked rice is cold

Commitment: NO preservatives – NO odorants – SAFE pesticide residues according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

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